Moooooore 20% time

This past Friday I spent my time writing cards to my fam and friends. I wrote an easter card to my mom and a normal friendship card to my friend! This subject that I chose for my 20% time seems to be a hard subject to pick, but I’m stickin to it!


Really Long Videos I had to Watch

If you couldn’t tell, I had to watch a really long video today. One of them was shorter than the other and it talked about the evolution of education in classrooms. This guy talked about how the rest of the world seemed to be revolutionized by technology, but education just evolved a little bit. He went through some examples of why technology hadn’t made that leap yet, and reasons why it should be implemented more. He also gave tips on if you were using tech in class, how to make the most of it. It was short sweet and to the point which I enjoyed, plus it gave a lot of information about the past and the present use of technology

The other video I watched was 35 minutes long. It talked about the 3 different parts of technology in classrooms. Vision, Framework, and Structure. She delved into each of those very exstensively and gave tips and observations about what they mean. She had a lot of good ideas and many diagrams and charts to help understand them. She was basing a lot of her information on her past experiences, which is helpful to know because it has been practiced and perfected. This video was much longer and not as well done. It was clearly homemade and you could tell. A professional video is much more pleasing and intriguing than one of this nature. I felt like there was some stuff in there she could have shortened or condensed to make the video not over half an hour, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

In my own experiences of using technology in the classroom, I can agree with most of what they say. For example in the first video, he mentioned on screen text that is duplicate will just distract the viewer rather than helping them. One thing the other video said was a lot of the benefits, such as 24-hour accessibility to any online assignment, video, email, or other.

Technology is already used in the rest of our lives, we should start using it in all aspects of it.

20% Time

This week I briefly looked at a website called Quill, which was like a more intensive site than grammerly. It had more option for things but was very similar. I looked at a few other things, but they all cost and were SUPER expensive, so I didn’t look any further into them! 

I was also reading a book by Francine Rivers about Mary from the Bible! It was interesting so far, and I’m ready to keep reading it! It might help to read some books I would like to teach in my classes, so this may be an option! But maybe for a bible class and not English! We’ll see!

Google Classroom! And Other Things

Firstly I would like to address the screencast I did! It was over Google Classroom and Edmodo. GoogleClassroom is a great tool to use in class. The teacher I observe at North Star uses it in her class. It’s a pretty cool tool, and very useful for class time. Edmodo however, was not as great. It was very much like facebook but felt cluttered. I won’t be using it in the future.

For my 20%  time, I downloaded some apps and did some exploring. Luckily, a lot of these sites were free for students and educators. I looked into CommonLit, and it seemed to have a lot of good resources. A lot of the sites I will use will be classroom management sites, just because it is not as easy to find a site for Literature topics. Another great tool to use is PurdueOwl. It’s a great tool for citation and how to format papers, which I will heavily rely upon in my future class. Next up is to find a few more sites and apps to familiarize myself with!


My 20% Time Project

I am starting a 20% time project where I aim to find ways to use technology in a high school English classroom. This topic is important to me because I will be an English teacher, so it’s important that I understand and know the field I’m working in. My goals are to find a good base of tools I can use. I want to become proficient, or try to, in these tools so as soon as I need a tool for an assignment, I can already pick the one I want without having to research and spend more time on it than I have.

I was not in class on Friday because of AIA but I am excited to start this project soon.

Technology in Classrooms

I think technology should be used in classrooms but not a lot. I think students having tablets is a great tool. So does this website. However, this website says students that use laptops perform worse on tests. That’s bad. Another reason to not use technology is that it requires wifi. Sometimes the wifi is bad. This website is host to terrible wifi!! But technology is fun! It’s innovative! It’s exciting! This website agrees with all my excitement!

Because of the world we live in now, since technology is all around us, I believe I will use technology in my classroom. I will use tablets for the kids so they can be excited and engaged. I would also like to use Virtual Reality tools to help keep the students excited.

Quiz Sites to use in Class

In my Educational Tech class, we went over some cool sites to use for quizzing in our classes! One that I loved was Kahoot! Kahoot is an online quizzing game that helps the teacher and student interact with game-like quizzes. It’s very colorful and bright and spurs great healthy competition amongst the students. You can create your own quizzes and give a time allotment to answer it and the kids all compete to win The one thing I wasn’t too fond of was the fact that it was more of a game than a quiz. It would be used on special occasions.

Another cool site was Socrative. Socrative is kind of like Kahoot, but much more sophisticated. It’s more orderly and nice looking. You create quizzes in the same way but it seems more useful in class. It’s not as much of a game (unless you choose the space race option), and you can save a copy of the results on an excel sheet to refer back to. The one thing I will say about it though is that the teacher can’t see what the kids are doing while they are taking the quiz, which is a little irritating.

Here’s another cool website to use: Quizizz. This one is a lot more like Kahoot. It’s a fun, fast-paced game. Very colorful and bright!! Also, inspires a bit of competition amongst the students. What I like about this one a little more, is that you have the answers on your phone, unlike Kahoot. However, it again seems more like a game than a useful consistent class tool.

The last website I liked was PollEverywhere. I think this one is more useful as an anonymous polling site, but it can be used for quizzes. PollEverywhere allows anonymous answers for questions. All you have to do is text a number, then you can answer anonymously. This site is great for a class that is a little shy and doesn’t want to talk. My problem with it is that it’s a little tricky to find out and to explain.

I would love to use PollEverywhere and Kahoot in my class. With PollEverywhere, it’s a great icebreaker to use to get the kids talking and laughing. Plus they’re using their phones, which I’m sure they enjoy. The other one is Kahoot because it’s such a hoot! It gets your blood pumping and really challenges the kids to focus and answer quickly! They both inspire kids and get them talking a little more than normal, which in a high school class, is pretty useful.