Really Long Videos I had to Watch

If you couldn’t tell, I had to watch a really long video today. One of them was shorter than the other and it talked about the evolution of education in classrooms. This guy talked about how the rest of the world seemed to be revolutionized by technology, but education just evolved a little bit. He went through some examples of why technology hadn’t made that leap yet, and reasons why it should be implemented more. He also gave tips on if you were using tech in class, how to make the most of it. It was short sweet and to the point which I enjoyed, plus it gave a lot of information about the past and the present use of technology

The other video I watched was 35 minutes long. It talked about the 3 different parts of technology in classrooms. Vision, Framework, and Structure. She delved into each of those very exstensively and gave tips and observations about what they mean. She had a lot of good ideas and many diagrams and charts to help understand them. She was basing a lot of her information on her past experiences, which is helpful to know because it has been practiced and perfected. This video was much longer and not as well done. It was clearly homemade and you could tell. A professional video is much more pleasing and intriguing than one of this nature. I felt like there was some stuff in there she could have shortened or condensed to make the video not over half an hour, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

In my own experiences of using technology in the classroom, I can agree with most of what they say. For example in the first video, he mentioned on screen text that is duplicate will just distract the viewer rather than helping them. One thing the other video said was a lot of the benefits, such as 24-hour accessibility to any online assignment, video, email, or other.

Technology is already used in the rest of our lives, we should start using it in all aspects of it.


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