Google Classroom! And Other Things

Firstly I would like to address the screencast I did! It was over Google Classroom and Edmodo. GoogleClassroom is a great tool to use in class. The teacher I observe at North Star uses it in her class. It’s a pretty cool tool, and very useful for class time. Edmodo however, was not as great. It was very much like facebook but felt cluttered. I won’t be using it in the future.

For my 20%  time, I downloaded some apps and did some exploring. Luckily, a lot of these sites were free for students and educators. I looked into CommonLit, and it seemed to have a lot of good resources. A lot of the sites I will use will be classroom management sites, just because it is not as easy to find a site for Literature topics. Another great tool to use is PurdueOwl. It’s a great tool for citation and how to format papers, which I will heavily rely upon in my future class. Next up is to find a few more sites and apps to familiarize myself with!



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