Quiz Sites to use in Class

In my Educational Tech class, we went over some cool sites to use for quizzing in our classes! One that I loved was Kahoot! Kahoot is an online quizzing game that helps the teacher and student interact with game-like quizzes. It’s very colorful and bright and spurs great healthy competition amongst the students. You can create your own quizzes and give a time allotment to answer it and the kids all compete to win The one thing I wasn’t too fond of was the fact that it was more of a game than a quiz. It would be used on special occasions.

Another cool site was Socrative. Socrative is kind of like Kahoot, but much more sophisticated. It’s more orderly and nice looking. You create quizzes in the same way but it seems more useful in class. It’s not as much of a game (unless you choose the space race option), and you can save a copy of the results on an excel sheet to refer back to. The one thing I will say about it though is that the teacher can’t see what the kids are doing while they are taking the quiz, which is a little irritating.

Here’s another cool website to use: Quizizz. This one is a lot more like Kahoot. It’s a fun, fast-paced game. Very colorful and bright!! Also, inspires a bit of competition amongst the students. What I like about this one a little more, is that you have the answers on your phone, unlike Kahoot. However, it again seems more like a game than a useful consistent class tool.

The last website I liked was PollEverywhere. I think this one is more useful as an anonymous polling site, but it can be used for quizzes. PollEverywhere allows anonymous answers for questions. All you have to do is text a number, then you can answer anonymously. This site is great for a class that is a little shy and doesn’t want to talk. My problem with it is that it’s a little tricky to find out and to explain.

I would love to use PollEverywhere and Kahoot in my class. With PollEverywhere, it’s a great icebreaker to use to get the kids talking and laughing. Plus they’re using their phones, which I’m sure they enjoy. The other one is Kahoot because it’s such a hoot! It gets your blood pumping and really challenges the kids to focus and answer quickly! They both inspire kids and get them talking a little more than normal, which in a high school class, is pretty useful.



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