Blogs I follow

On MindShift I read a very interesting article about teaching kids how to tell real news from fake news. This article shows how teachers around the country are trying to teach their students to be more critical of the news they read. There was even a list of things to look at when trying to decide the validity of an article. One very important one was checking the source. The teachers would give their students activities and fun games that help them discern truth from fiction. It’s a very valuable thing to learn and I think it should be taught in all schools, especially with what’s going on in our government today.

The other blog I follow, Edutopia, had an amazing article on African Americans in the school system.  It talked of how not only do the kids need to be treated better, but how their needs to be more representation of colored individuals on the staff. Interestingly, Andrews University just produced a video of the same nature. All around America, black people are looking for change. They’re looking to be treated the same as any other white boy. They’re looking to see their teachers as the same color they are. They are looking for a difference between now and 100 years ago and unfortunately, with the way our government is being run now, that may not happen.


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