Website Helpers

There are a lot of different option for teaching tools on the internet. Some are no good and cost way too much to be effective. Some are only for one specific grade type or subject. But, there are some that are just right! Of those few, I have discovered Google Expedition which is a virtual reality application that pairs with the Google cardboard. It looks amazing to use and a fun interactive activity to use with our students to make the classroom seem more than the same old room they go into every day.

Another great resource to use is Khan Academy. Khan Academy has EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Khan Academy is a website containing millions of videos that pertain to a certain subject and help the person watching it to better understand the material. Khan Academy is great and I hope to use it in my classroom someday.

Some other fun websites are Gizmos, which gives you fun and interactive activities to help better explain the concept in a more familiar way, ReadWriteThink also looked interesting because of its lessons plans for books.

Like I said earlier, there are many websites available for a teacher, the only thing we have to do is narrow it down!

Here’s a screencast of these websites.

First Half

Second Half


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