Content Curation

Have you ever read something in an old book that you thought was super interesting and unique, but it was so out of date that anyone you showed it to wouldn’t take it seriously? That’s what content curation is for! Content Curation is diving into your field and finding unique and special information and turning transforming it into formats most available for anyone.

Some websites or apps that are especially useful in this realm are EduClipperPinterest, and Evernote.  Educlipper is super interactive with all kinds of platforms and peoples. It connects with google and dropbox, you can upload videos to share with other faculty members, and also upload assignments for your students. Pinterest is great because it is already so well known that it may be a part of people’s lives already. Evernote is useful because it is known for its functionality across all platforms such as a tablet or phone. Any notes you make on your phone will be automatically saved on your tablet!

All of these websites can help you be the best content curator in the business!

Content Curation Definition sites:


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