Today i did some research on a concept called 20Time. It’s the idea that takes 20% of class time to devote to the students for them to work on a project of their choosing. This project can be anything the student wants! It can be creating a short film how to raise a cow, or writing a graphic novel about why planned parenthood is important, or when the most exciting concert was in history and how to make another great one; it’s completely up to the students and what they want to do with their time.

The reason this idea is so amazing is because not only is it a break from the monotony of class, but it’s a break that the students are choosing themselves. It takes pressure off of a teacher, it encourages creative thinking, and it gives something to look forward to in class. It’s an idea I would love to incorporate into my class one day, and I probably will!

Here are some links to check out this cool concept:




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